Carnival Zone

Wristband Prices: 

    Onsite at Festival
Thursday, 6/14

Friday, 6/15

Saturday, 6/16

Mega 3-Day Band

Not Available at Festival 
Pre-sale wrist band sales have ended as of Thursday, June 14th at Noon. Carnival wrist bands are now only available at festival ticket booths. Please note that All sales are final & non-refundable. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018, 1 pm - 11 pm
Friday, June 15, 2018, 1 pm - 11 pm
Saturday, June 16, 2018, 10 am - 11 pm

Wristband and Ticket Sales

A wristband or ride tickets are required for each person riding Liberty Fest carnival rides. There are ticket booths located at three corners of the carnival; Cash Only. ATM's are available onsite. All ticket sales are final and are non-refundable. 


The Megaband gets you unlimited rides on all wristband approved rides, during all three days of the event. Sales for the Megaband - sales end Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 12 pm, noon (EST). 

Single Day Wristbands

: The Single Day wristband gets you unlimited rides on all wristband approved rides for only one day. Sales for the Single Day Wristbands available for purchase at each of the ticket booths.

Single-Ride Tickets

: Single ride tickets are available for purchase onsite for 4 tickets for $5 or a sheet of 50 tickets for $50. Each ride takes 2-5 tickets each. 

Redeeming Pre-sale Wristbands and Tickets:

 Please bring a printed copy of your 2018 voucher to any of the three carnival ticket booths located around the carnival. The person that will be wearing the wristband must be present at the ticket booth when the voucher is redeemed. Only 2018 vouchers will be accepted; prior year and expired vouchers will not be valid. *Pre-sale wristband sales end Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 12 pm, noon (EST). 

Rides at This Year's Festival

The 2018 Carnival is brought to you by the Skerbeck Entertainment Group. Visit the rides webpage for a complete list of information on each attraction (Actual rides may vary) .

Kiddie Rides
  • Apple Go Round, Combination Carousel, Jungle Explorer, Lil' Scrambler, Merry-Go-Round, Mighty Mac, Motorcycle Jump, Raiders, Space Chase, Spinner, Samba Balloon Ride and Tot Land Inflatable. 
Major Rides
  • Cliff Hanger, Cuckoo Haus, Eli Wheel, Glass House, Loop O Plane, Orient Express, Scooter, Spider, and Swinger
Spectacular Rides
  • Alpine Bobs, SuperNova360, Mulligan Giant Wheel, Sea Ray, Twin Flip, and Zipper

Midway Games

The Skerbeck Entertainment Group at Liberty Fest includes more than just rides, it also includes a variety of Midway games for all ages. For a nominal fee you can test your speed, accuracy, and luck, all to win some awesome prizes! 

Carnival Concessions

While playing a fun Midway game or watching a live performance, enjoy all tasty treats, such as: Elephant Ears, Cotton Candy, Fresh Lemonade, and don't forget the Corn Dogs!

Carnival FAQ

  • How can I purchase pre-sale Wristbands? You can purchase pre-sale wristbands beginning May 1 through June 14, 2018 at 12 pm, noon (EST). 
  • How do I redeem my online wristband voucher? You will need to bring a PRINTED copy of the voucher to the ticket office located near the Himalaya ride. The person that will be wearing the wristband must be present at the booth when the voucher is redeemed. 
  • Do parent's need a Wristband to ride the Merry-Go-Round or Ferris Wheel with their child? Yes, all riders must have a wristband or tickets to go on the rides.
  • Can I exchange my Single-Day Wristband for a different day? Unfortunately, you can only use the wristband for one day.  Choose from (Thursday, Friday, or Saturday).
  • What days can the Mega-Band be used? The Mega-Band gets you unlimited ride access on all wristband approved rides all three days of the festival June 14-June 16, 2018.
  • Who can I contact with questions? For additional information, please call the Canton Leisure Services Administration Office at 734/394-5360.  


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