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The Canton CityView Portal allows you to submit a permit application online, check the status of a permit and pay fees. It saves travel time and allows you to monitor its process and pay fees from the convenience of your home or office. This help page will guide you through the registration process and applying for a permit. You will also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

You must register for a Canton Portal account to perform any of the permitting tasks.

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Available Online Permits

There are several types of building permits that can be applied for online.

  • Electrical Services (Residential)
  • Mechanical Permit (Residential)
  • Plumbing Permit (Residential)

Electrical and Plumbing permit fees can be immediately paid after you submit the application online. Mechanical permits will have to be reviewed first by our building clerks. After one of our clerks has reviewed your application, you will receive an email to proceed with paying the fees if all information on the permit is correct.

My Permits

To access any permit that you have submitted online, log onto the CityView Portal, click on ‘MY ITEMS’ and expand the ‘My Permit Applications’ section.

Cityview Portal My Items