Online Payments


Bill Payment Online / Invoice Cloud

Welcome to the Canton Township online Water Bill payment option. You may pay your water bill through our online service with Invoice Cloud.  

To begin, please have your most recent billing statement available. You will be asked to enter your full water billing account number including the dash and three digits at the end (XXXXXX-XXX).  Payments can be made the same day.  Payments must be made before 4:30 to be credited to your account for that date.  When using Invoice Cloud, be sure your bank routing number and account number are correct.  Incorrect numbers may result in your payment being returned and fees charged to your account.

Make payment and manage your Invoice Cloud account here. 

If this is your first time using the payment system, you can either make a quick, one-time payment without registering or you can create an account to enjoy more features like setting up automatic payments, saving payment information for later use and viewing history.   

Invoice Cloud accepts eCheck payments from checking or savings accounts.  It also accepts credit card payments from Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. Please note, a service fee of $4.50 will be applied to all card payments. The maximum payment allowed, per transaction, with a card is $500. If you wish to pay more than this amount, you may make multiple payments or make the entire payment via electronic check. There is no service fee for electronic check payments (ACH/EFT).

eCheck and credit card payments are accepted only as a conditional payment. If not honored by a bank, the water bill is unpaid and subject to unpaid penalties. Your payment will be processed directly with Invoice Cloud over a secure connection. Transactions may take up to two business days for your account balance to be updated online for viewing in your account history.


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