What is the history of Canton Leisure Services?
Canton is rich with opportunities for leisure time activity, making Canton an attractive place to live, work, and play. The community provides a host of facilities and organized events that promote healthy life styles and active and passive activities for the entire family. Canton Leisure Services is the only accredited recreation department in Michigan and only one of 55 in the United States.

The Leisure Services Department comprises 3 divisions - Parks and Facility Maintenance, Recreation and Facility Operations, plus Central Services which serves as the clearinghouse for communications, accounts payable, and personnel issues. The respective divisions are responsible for the administrative functions required to lead the diverse and rapidly growing operation that allows for coordination of resources which ensures effective and efficient delivery of services.

Leisure Services programs are led by the Recreation Division. Programming is developed for people of all ages, including preschool, youth and teens, adults, and seniors. Specific areas include Aquatics, Athletics, the Canton Sports Center, the Senior Adults Program, Youth Development (Teens), Health / Wellness, and Special Events.

The activities and programs provide opportunities for families and friends to build relationships, create a sense of belonging in the community, and positively impact the local economy.

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1. What is the history of Canton Leisure Services?
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